The DopStopper breathalyser is intended to counter alcohol abuse inasmuch it directly affects the workplace. It is designed for permanent installation at the workplace and to become part of the daily routine. It includes two relays that can be used to control access (e.g. a turnstile) and an external siren, if required. The system produces a clearly visible and audible result to each test.

The standard approach until now has typically been to try and prove that a worker is under the influence of alcohol, and to then use this as basis for dismissal by means of a disciplinary process.

We believe that this approach has definite shortcomings. The most serious of these is that it opens you up to various follow-up procedures, mainly via the CCMA and the labour court. Please read this reference and also this one regarding the complications of this approach.

Suggested approach

The idea with the Dopstopper breathalyser is to turn the process on its head. Due to the fact that it is quick and easy to identify workers who have alcohol in their systems, it is also quick and easy to refuse them access to the workplace. This refusal is primarily based on the legislated duty placed on employers to ensure a safe workplace. Further grounds for refusal should be the employment contract, which really must have this type of provision as standard, in the current labour environment.

Your policy as contained in the employment contract must reflect zero tolerance in respect of alcohol use. It is necessary to spell out that any worker with any amount of alcohol on his breath or in his blood stream will be refused access to the workplace. If this is not made clear, we end up with a debate about precisely how much alcohol is allowed. The logical end point for this debate is then probably the CCMA and/or the labour court.


The DopStopper is intended to identify an alcohol level slightly below that which applies to driving a heavy vehicle on a public road. Typically, it will detect a single tot for approximately half an hour to 45 minutes. If the person had more to drink, this will obviously extend the period within which a positive result will be obtained.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply a certificate or a guarantee of accuracy.

The system provides for adjusting the sensitivity upwards or downwards (within limits).

Behaviour modification

We believe that the consistent use of the system can bring about a long term change in worker behaviour. Workers regularly abusing alcohol will hopefully remove themselves from the system due to the amount of wages they will lose. Alternatively, they can (hopefully) amend their behaviour by limiting their drinking times.

Depending on the intensity of use, the internal sensor will degrade over time, and become less sensitive. We recommend at least annual checking (and replacement , if necessary). We provide cost effective exchange modules for this purpose.

Click here for the DopStopper Instruction Sheet

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