Time and Attendance

This is the heart of our time and attendance system, offering the widest range of options in any time and attendance system available on the South African market today. The following is a selection of the features available:

  • Unlimited number of time schedules;
  • Round-up and round-down on arrival and departure;
  • Seasonal changes;
  • Different hours on pay days;
  • Fixed schedules or flexi-time;
  • Fixed meal breaks may be defined and automatically deducted from time worked;
  • Offsetting of short time against overtime;
  • Very wide selection of reports designed over many years and users;
  • Rules for rainy days;
  • Mass adjustments of time for all workers on a given date;
  • All data and reports may be exported to a comma-delimited file for further processing in your favourite spreadsheet program, and all reports may be exported to a PDF file for easy e-mailing and off-site printing;
  • The system caters for exporting to external payrolls, e.g. VIP Payroll, Pastel Payroll, Quickbooks Payroll and a few others. New exports are created on demand, provided that the payroll is in general use in South Africa.




Africlock time and attendance and diesel control