Payroll Systems

The Africlock system contains a very capable and user-friendly payroll system designed for the South African market, making provision for SARS Easyfile reconciliation, UIF u-filing and a variety of statutory returns, in addition to being free of limits in terms of multi-company applications. The payroll can also be used WITHOUT the clocking system, and this provides an extremely cost-effective solution for small to medium company payrolls.

The following points are fully covered in the system:

  • South African employees tax (PAYE): Voluntary over-deductions, continuous year-to-date calculations (meaning that you are always up to date even if an employee resigns at short notice), EMP201 returns and EMP501 reconciliations with SARS Easyfile data transfers;
  • Loans and savings plans;
  • Unlimited own defined items in addition to those available by default;
  • Unlimited number of companies and employees;
  • Catering for hourly paid, fixed salary and piece work;
  • UIF, Employment Equity, COID (W.As.8) and other legislative requirements;
  • Variety of pay slip layouts to cater for envelopes, A4 sheets, confidentiality and other requirements.

Africlock time and attendance and diesel control