Facial Recognition Systems

This system is intended to establish a completely new approach to biometrics, especially in view of the type of environment many of our products are used in. Instead of relying on a fingerprint to identify a worker, the system makes use of facial recognition technology to identify a worker. In so doing, the problems typically associated with fingerprints (dirty, worn, dry or oily fingers and hard-to-read fingerprints), are eliminated.

Because the system uses no tokens or buttons, it eliminates losing of buttons and forgetting buttons at home, as well as the administration involved in these actions. The clock itself is a standalone instrument with battery backup good for 24 hours – but it does require a 220V supply to keep the battery charged. Clock data transfer is effected by means of a USB flash disk or via your own computer network.

Specific advantages over other systems (e.g. fingerprinting):

  • Not affected by dirty hands, worn fingerprints and so on – no physical contact made with the clock instrument;
  • Robust solution for use in rough environments with the clock built into a strong steel enclosure;
  • Provides a really credible deterrent to clock fraud: It takes a special kind of person to attempt buddy-clocking on this machine;
  • Users experiencing problems with facial recognition may revert to the fingerprint option (specific model only), or finally to an inexpensive RFID card.


Facial recognition clock with fingerprint



Facial recognition clock (no fingerprint)


Africlock time and attendance and diesel control