Pricing policy and guarantee

Our policy is to keep prices fixed for as long as possible. Prices are generally adjusted only every second year, and many items’ prices have been held for far longer than that.

 We believe that our prices are very competitive and that few products out there compete in terms of functionality. Therefore, we invite comparison, and if you seriously believe that you have found a better deal in the market, we would appreciate it if you would tell us about it.

Product guarantee
All our own products are guaranteed for two years from purchase. In addition, if we believe that the problem was latent at the time of purchase, we will also repair or replace at our discretion even after the two years have lapsed.

NB: Biometric products and diesel meters carry the standard one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The product guarantee expressly excludes water damage, lightning damage and physical damage due to negligence. Our technical department will determine whether any of these are present in any form and their decision will be final, but always based on visible proof – if the damage is not visible on any component, we will not hide behind a suspicion.

Africlock time and attendance and diesel control