Fingerprint systems

This option is based on proven technology and works well in suitable environments, meaning clean environments with workers not doing work that affects their fingerprints in any way. Specific examples are farming, workshops and construction – please do not expect us to support a request in these environments, as you are bound to be frustrated. We will never pretend that fingerprinting is the solution to all problems and we only offer it as part of our product line-up for situations where its use is a sensible solution. Examples of these are catering, cleaning, office environments and filling stations.


  • Eliminates buddy-clocking;
  • Inexpensive solution using proven technology;
  • No tags or tokens to lose or forget at home;
  • Robust steel box protecting vulnerable components;
  • Users with troublesome fingerprints can clock with an inexpensive RFID card.

Africlock time and attendance and diesel control