Android/iPhone clock terminal

The Android/iPhone Clock Terminal is a solution for use with smaller numbers of workers, where the purchase of a clocking machine may not be justifiable. This consists of an Android or iPhone app, supported by web-based upload and transfer to the main Africlock application.

The Android app will only work on smartphones running Android 6.0 and up. This means that most of the newer Android phones will be able to run the app. For best results you should not use a bottom-range budget phone unless you are happy with manual clocking – the slightly better phones have cameras better suited to QR code recognition and may also have NFC readers built in – these are typically absent from budget phones.

If you have a BlackBerry or a Windows phone you are out of luck, unfortunately. We are currently not planning to support these phones.

To test whether your phone will be able to run the Africlock app, please download it from the Google Play Store or Apple store – simply type the name Africlock in the store to find it.

The phone app allows you to register new workers on the phone, and then clock them in or out using either a manual action (selecting the worker from a list) or by pointing the phone at a QR code, or lastly by swiping an NFC tag (a special type of RFID tag). When you use the app in conjunction with the normal Africlock time and attendance and payroll software, the system can make use of web-based data transfer. Web data transfer functionality covers the following:

  • Automatic data transfer from your phone to our website, where our Windows application will pick it up
  • Manual transfer at any time

There is an annual fee of R300 per phone for the use of the web back-end and data transfer functionality. This fee will be charged as part of your annual support fee for the Africlock time & attendance and payroll system.

Click here to view or print the Android app manual/instructions for use

Please note: Registration of the app requires you to let us know the cellphone number you want to use, so we can activate it on our server.

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