We have designed our hardware and software with the aim of reducing the amount of support required to run a successful system. Once support becomes necessary, we try our utmost to resolve the issue over the telephone, possibly augmented by courier services, without incurring travel time and cost. This approach is necessary to keep costs down. Please take the trouble of comparing our annual fees to any of those from our competition. The annual fees are mandatory and are used to finance support and further development of the software. We do not make a profit on annual fees at all – in fact we subsidise this activity from new sales as well.

Support is provided in two broad categories:

  1. Off-site (telephonic) support (including remote desktop support using TeamViewer or similar) is provided for under the annual fee. To keep this fee to a reasonable level, the customer needs to call our help desk at his or her own expense. There is no limitation on the number or duration of calls, but we do reserve the right to duplicate the annual fee for multiple users if more than one person regularly calls for support from a specific customer.
  2. On-site support is NOT covered by the annual fee paid, and is charged out at an hourly rate for all time spent on the specific issue, including travel time, and a rate per kilometer traveled.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office hours are 07:30 to 17:00 weekdays only. We do NOT guarantee that you will be able to obtain support after hours – please consider that we also have private lives, and we also have work that needs to be done without the distraction of telephone calls. Believe it or not, but we have experience of being called at 03:00 in the morning for support.

If you do have an after-hours emergency, please send us an e-mail using, and give a brief description of the problem. IF there is somebody available to assist at the time, you will be contacted from our side. Alternatively, you will be contacted once somebody becomes available.

Modifications or extensions to software:

Please note that we provide ABSOLUTELY NO undertaking to make ANY changes to the software on request. Any requests that we do receive, are placed on a list for review and eventual decision by ourselves only, and taking into consideration the eventual usefulness of such changes to other users as well.

Africlock time and attendance and diesel control