Entering registration codes: Frequently asked questions

Go to the main page of Africlock – see the screen shot – find the entry named “3. Enter registration codes” (or, in Afrikaans, “3. Inlees van registrasiekodes”
Entering registration codes
Click on it, then enter the codes we sent you EXACTLY as they came to you.
Common mistakes:
1 – Putting codes in the wrong boxes
2- Not updating the expiry dates
3- Changing the “Registered user name” from what we sent you.

If you do need to change the name, you will need to talk to us to give you new registration codes otherwise the ones we sent you will NOT work.


Registration codes are issued to protect us against software piracy. We have a huge investment in code developed over more than ten years and unfortunately there are some dishonest people out there who do not understand that for a product to grow, it must be supported by users.

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