5 steps to improve attendance at work

Time and attendance clocks are only practical if staff turn up to use them in the first place. People can’t exactly clock in if they are sat at home feeling disgruntled due to an issue within the workplace.

We specialise in button based clocking systems, fingerprint solutions and facial recognition software at Africlock but we have to admit, we’re not miracle workers.

To get more people using time and attendance systems consider taking these approaches in the future…

Set out a clear structure

Inform workers of their responsibilities and pay particular attention to absenteeism within the workplace. Cleary define the company’s policy on sick leave so there are no misunderstandings, make workers aware of how their time off work has a direct impact on the business.

Monitor sick days

Do you have some workers that are off on sick more times than others? If so monitor their movements. See if there are any patterns forming, do they have Monday’s or Fridays off on a regular basis, are they ‘sick’ straight after a Public Holiday and has this happened before. If you feel certain workers are taking liberties you have every right to speak to them in private.

Make people aware of penalties

Cleary outline the consequences of taking unauthorised absences from the company. Notify workers that any period of false sickness claims and unofficial time off work could be dealt with by disciplinary action.

Have return to work meetings

Talk to employees if they have been off sick for a while. Ask if they are well enough to resume duties and show genuine concern for their wellbeing.

Tackle in-house problems

If harmony within the workplace is lacking try to find out what is causing the issue. Could it be a problem between particular staff members? Does the person in question have an issue with a co-worker or member of the management? Is there a problem at home, or is the team member having trouble coping with the workload?

Sometimes a simple chat can get to the root cause of the problem. Find out what the issue is and you can take steps to remedy the situation and improve worker attendance this way.

There are various ways to improve attendance figures at work. Once you tackle the problem keep monitoring the situation with a suitable clocking in system.